complete Fyziklani rulesOrganisational regulations

These rules are only brief reminders. Complete rules and organizational rules can be found in the links above.

Do not forget to check problems from past Fyziklani competitions or visit Fyziklani online archive which is a similar competition to Fyziklani.

  • The competition is held online for 3 hours between teams of 5 high-schoolers, who attend two different high schools at most.
  • It is possible to participate in the English or Czech language only.
  • The problems are lined up in series. Each of the series is published at a particular time. Details will be published before the competition.
  • All problems are marked according to the number of submitted answers: the first answer is correct - 5 points; the second answer is correct - 3 points; the third answer is correct - 2 points; the fourth or later answer is correct - 1 point.
  • If a team finishes a series, they get bonus points - equal to the number of correctly answered problems in that series.
  • If the team answers some problem incorrectly, they will not be allowed to submit an answer for 1 minute.
  • At the beginning of the competition, all teams receive 6 following bonus cards.
    • Skip the problems - the team can skip an arbitrary number of problems they are currently solving.
    • Reset points - the marking scheme of the problem is reset, the team can get 5 points for a correct answer again.
    • Double points - if the first answer submitted after using this card is correct, the team receives doubled points for the answer.
    • Add one problem from a series - the next problem from a chosen series is revealed, the team can therefore solve more problems from the series at once.
    • Hint (only some problems) - the team can read a hint to the solution (only some of the problems have hints).
    • Multiple choice - the team receives 4 possible answers to the question, one of them is correct.
  • Teams are permitted to use the internet and any literature as a source of information.
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