Physics Team Competition
in the Czech Republic

This year almost 1200 participants in 251 teams took part, coming from more than 20 countries all over the world. Thank you for your participation, we are looking forward the next year in 2024.

Registration opens on November 22.
Rules Briefly

What is Fyziklani 2024?

Up to five high school students compete in Prague in a three-hour-long contest in solving physics problems.
There are 7 problems available for you. As soon as you solve one, you get another problem immediately. For each solved problem the team is awarded with points.
The best teams win prizes and undying glory in our competition, which has been held annually for 17 years now.
How does it work
Problem Examples

Everyone finds suitable difficulty.

A coniferous tree could be (from a mechanical point of view) approximated by a homogeneous right circular cone with height h = 40 m and radius at the base r = 1.0 m. Find the maximal angle by which its axis may be displaced from the vertical axis before it starts to fall due to its weight.
A h = 30 m high waterfall has flow rate Q = 1,2 m3·s-1. Find the total force with which water impacts the ground under the waterfall. Assume that the water quickly flows away from the point of impact and the depth of water under the waterfall is negligible.
Find the resistance between two neighbouring vertices of a four-dimensional cube made of wire. Each edge of the cube has a resistance R = 1 000 Ω.
Vítek would like to get some water from his well, but he does not want to keep pulling the bucket up. Therefore, he gradually stirred the water around faster and faster until, at an angular velocity ω = 11 rad·s-1, the water started flowing out of the well all by itself. Vítek knows the depth of the well (from the top edge to the ground at the bottom) h = 47 m. The well has a circular cross-section with a radius r0 = 1,6 m. What was the height of the water column (from the bottom of the well to the water surface) before Vítek started spinning the water around?
Fyziklani Schedule

You can stay in Prague a little longer

Besides the competition, you can look forward to a rich accompanying program full of lectures, excursions and much more. Stay tuned for more details in the future!

Friday, Feb 16
Team arrival at PVA EXPO
Opening ceremony
Announcement of results

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Alexandru Momoiu, Rares Marinescu, Andrei-Darius Dragomir, Alexandru Iorga, Razvan-Gabriel Marcu
The Kaldashians
David Constantinescu, Robert Stănescu, Vladimir George Necula, Miruna Neacsu, Vlad-Ștefan Oros
Mạnh Quân Nguyễn, Quang Vinh Tran, Hoang Nam Nguyen, Đức Hoàng Nguyễn Lê, Gia Khanh Nguyen
Teorie všeho se jede rozloučit
Viktor Materna, Lubor Čech, Václav Zvoníček, Jaroslav Herman, Jiří Kalvoda
Jaderný reaktor IV. generace
Richard Veselý, Jiří Janoušek, Jindřich Jelínek, Jiří Loun, Tereza Pavlišová
Matúš Kopunec, Mikuláš Mikula, Marek Kadlečík, Róbert Jurčo, Martin Babača