history and previous Fyziklani

Past Fyziklani competitions

The first Fyziklani took place in 2006. It was formed as a parallel competition to the Physics Naboj organised by Slovak students. Since the very beginning, Fyziklani was organised on behalf of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University and its students assembled in FYKOS.

The first significant change in the organisation of Fyziklani happened in 2013 when the team categories were introduced (according to the average age of team members). The rules concerning categories are described in the Rules of Conduct in detail. Another significant change happened in 2016 (due to capacity) when the category A took place at Malá Strana, whereas categories B and C remained at Karlov. The last significant adjustment happened in 2018 when the category A was moved from Malá Strana to the conference rooms in Hotel Duo in Prague. In this year, we were pleased to welcome the first foreign teams from Spain, Latvia and the Republic of North Macedonia.

Since 2016 there have always been more than 500 contestants. In 2019 over 700 students participated which is so far the highest number of participants.

In 2020 the 14th Fyziklani has been held. The competition has been (and still is) getting more and more known in public, and the interest among high-school students is increasing. Thus, the competition took place in Top Hotel in Prague this year where more teams from all categories could compete in one place.

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