What Is Fyziklani About?

Fyziklani is a physics team competition for high school students (or equivalent) interested in physics and solving interesting problems. Teams consist of up to five students (from the maximum of two schools). Their task is to solve as many problems as possible in the given time limit of three hours. Each team begins with the same seven problems. For each solved problem, they get a new, usually more difficult one. Any high school student or motivated primary school student can take part. Since 2018, it is possible to compete also in the English language and foreign teams can participate as well.

Who Is Behind the Competition?

Fyziklani is held on behalf of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University (CUNI MFF) and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (MEYS). Organizers are mostly students of CUNI MFF, assembled in FYKOS. FYKOS also holds the online version of the competition – Physics Brawl Online, camps for best participants of the internet physics competition, excursions and other similar events.

The development of Fyziklani into this year's form was also significantly helped by the nonprofit FABRIC, which organizes camps for highly talented youth with the desire of undestanding themselves and the world. Thanks to their support, we are able to provide scholarships for the competition for several teams from various countries that would not be able to participate otherwise, and also to improve the accompanying program for everyone.

Another major partner is the Neuron Foundation. The main mission of the Neuron Foundation is to support excellent scientists.
Neuron became a partner of Fyziklani thanks to Lenka Zdeborová, a top Czech scientist based in Switzerland, who won the Neuron Prize in Physics in 2021. She decided to donate the gift associated with this prize to FYKOS, which she had previously participated in and organized herself.

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When and Where Will It Take Place?

Fyziklani will take place 16. 02. 2024. Just like last years, we will meet at PVA Letňany Exbihition Grounds in Prague, Czech Republic. The hall is located near (0.5 km) the final station of metro C line „Letňany“. We would happily invite over 250 teams to this year's competition.