Where Can You Stay?

If your home is far from Prague and you want to get enough sleep before the competition or take part in the accompanying program during days before and after Fyziklani.

If needed, do not forget to get your visa. For more information, write us an e-mail at fyziklani@fykos.cz. We can arrange you an inviting list.

Registration for accommodation has now closed.

Hotel Duo

Hotel Duo is a four stars hotel. It is located near the metro station Střížkov. The hotel address is Teplicka 492, 190 00, Prague, Czech Republic.

The breakfast is included.

There are twin rooms and triple rooms available. Competitors and their teachers will be assigned a room depending on the length of their stay and then depending on their preferences (i.e., participants accommodated for more nights will probably not be in a room with participants staying for one night only).

Price and Payment

The prices for individual nights vary, as the accomodation is partially subsidized. It is possible to book the accomodation for other days as well for the full price 52 €.

  • Wednesday 14th Feb 2024 – 20 €
  • Thursday 15th Feb 2024 – 16 € (the night before the competition)
  • Friday 16th Feb 2024 – 20 €
  • Saturday 17th Feb 2024 – 20 €

Competitors will be accomodated at triple rooms. If interested, they can also request a single room for the full price 52 €.

Please note that the participants older than 18 years will need to pay the city tax of approx. 2 € (50 CZK) per night at the arrival to the hotel. All participants under the age of 18 will pay a refundable deposit of approx. 30 € (750 CZK) on check-in.

How to pay for accommodation and buffet?

  • Please note that this is the only way to pay for your paid items for Fyziklani, we do not accept any payments on-the-spot in the hotel or elsewhere.
  • In order to book accommodation, you have to tick it in the application for Fyziklani. Another paid item is buffet.
  • Log into the database on db.fykos.cz with the e-mail you stated in your application.
  • In the menu, click on Payments.
  • Follow the instruction on the page, then proceed to summary.
  • Check your e-mail address and the items, then click on Generate payment. If you cancel the payment at this point, you will be able to start the payment again later.
  • Then you will get the information about the bank transfer and your own unique variable symbol. Please use this symbol in your payment, otherwise we will not be able to recognize that the payment is from you.
  • Then go to your bank account and make the transfer. A correct way to use the symbol in your payment is either fill it as "reference" as "/VS/17323XXXXX" or into the field for "variable symbol", if you have such option.
  • We should send you a confirmation e-mail within one week from the transfer. If you don't get a confirmation and it has been more than a week, let us know at fyziklani@fykos.org.
  • You can also check your payment status in the detail of your team application.