Please note the applications are closed for this year. If you still want to participate without the scholarship, we may still be able to help you, e.g. via providing an invitation letter. In that case, please reach out to us at

This year, for the Fyziklani competition and its accompanying program, we are offering a full scholarship to several teams that would not be able to participate otherwise.

This scholarship aims to make the program more accessible to a broader range of students. To educate, build a global network of highly-talented students interested in physics, and show the participants opportunities to make it easier to use their talent well.

The accepted teams will attend the entire accompanying program of Fyziklani as well as several closely related extension activities creating about a week-long memorable experience. We built upon a similar event from Fyziklani 2023 as well as the 2022 Fyziklani International Youth Exchange.

Accompanying Program Youth Exchange 2022

Focus and Eligible Teams

All costs will be covered for selected teams, including travel from the participants’ countries to Prague and back, accommodation (most likely in the same hotel as for all other participants of Fyziklani), meals, tickets for the city public transport for the duration of the stay, and travel insurance.
The teams, in turn, must take part in the entire program (unless very serious circumstances prevent them).

After being selected, the teams will also participate in preparation and supporting the event in minor ways (examples from last years include creating a presentation about science in their country, preparing for a cultural evening and writing reports from the event).

The applications are for high-school (or equivalent) students only and should be made in a team of up to 5, where all the participants are at least 15 years old and from at most 2 different schools.

Any team satisfying the above criteria anywhere in the world can apply. Note, however, that while Fyziklani aims to be open to all high-school students all around the world, the resources for this scholarship are limited. Thus, it is aimed preferentially (not exclusively) at highly-talented students from economically less-advantaged backgrounds or from areas where the students have comparatively fewer opportunities than in Europe.

We also recommend to, before applying, register in the Physics Brawl Online, which is essentially an online version of Fyziklani. Firstly, it will give you an idea of how Fyziklani itself works, and secondly, it is relevant to the application.

Applications for the scholarship ended on November 30, 2023. The results have been announced to the applicants.

Physics Brawl Online

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship, you may contact us at

The scholarship is possible thanks to the kind sponsorship of FABRIC, a non-profit that organizes camps for highly talented students interested in understanding themselves and the world.

More About FABRIC

Schedule of Fyziklani and Its Accompanying Program

The schedule of the scholarship will be (up to minor details) essentially identical to the Fyziklani accompanying program. Any student that is not accepted for the scholarship is more than welcome to participate in any part of the program (they will just not get their expenses reimbursed).

Monday, Feb 12

Since Monday afternoon, participants with accommodation can come to the Hotel Duo.

Opening Ceremony and Welcome

Ceremonial opening of the accompanying program

Icebreakers and Get-to-Know-You Games
Tuesday, Feb 13
Transport to iQLANDIA

Bus transportation is provided for participants registered for the exhibition tour.


Visit to the largest science centre in the Czech Republic

Evening Lecture

The lecture's topic will be specified later. Attendees are welcome to stay after the lecture and join in board game activities with others.

Wednesday, Feb 14
Cultural / Educational Excursions

Tour of Wallenstein Palace and Prague Castle, or Guided tour of Prague

Free Time

Participants will have the opportunity to explore Prague themselves.

Nations' Evening Preparations

The hall for the Nations' evening will open and participants will have the opportunity to prepare their stands.

Nations' Evening

Presentation of national foods, music, and culture

Thursday, Feb 15
One Day with Physics

Day full of excursions and lectures at CUNI MFF

Panel Discussion with Scientists

Discussion with Czech scientists about their work in physics

Friday, Feb 16
Team Arrival at PVA EXPO
Opening Ceremony
FYKOS and its Events

Presentation about FYKOS during the break before announcement of results

Announcement of Results
Joint Photo Shoot of the Winners
Problem Analysis

Presentation and analysis of the solutions to this year's problems from Fyziklani


Meet the other contestants at an evening party and celebrate Fyziklani.

Saturday, Feb 17

Lectures from excellent Czech scientists and guest speakers

Optional Program

You may try the City Rally or visit some interesting places in Prague.


Ceremonial dinner with other contestants and the official closing of the accompanying program

Sunday, Feb 18
City Rally

Fun game will guide you through Prague and also keep your brain cells busy. The game might end earlier depending on how fast you are.