Thanks for the amazing competition!

A category
Jaderný reaktor IV. generace
Gymnázium Olomouc - Hejčín, Gymnázium Budějovická
186 points
B category
Teorie Všeho
Gymnázium Brno, třída Kapitána Jaroše
179 points
C category
Josephsonův Jev
Gymnázium Jana Keplera
145 points

final results


Fyziklani is an international physics competition for groups of 5 high school students, who want to show their physics skills to the whole world!


Fyziklani takes place at 15. 2. 2019. You can register your team until 5. 2. You should join us even for amazing physics related activities, which starts on Friday 14. 2. until Sunday 17. 2.!


Come to Prague! The competition will be held in Top Hotel Prague, in its neighbourhood will be another program for you.


You can compare yourselves with teams from the whole world. The best of you will be awarded by prestige and interesting prizes!

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